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Viewing Lyrics for B-Rabbit v.s Lotto 2nd Battle From 8 Mile:

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Track:B-Rabbit v.s Lotto 2nd Battle From 8 Mile
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
I'll spit a racial slur honkie sew me
this shit is a Horror flick but a black guy
doesn't die in this movie
i'll do it the lotto style you gotta be kiddin
that makes me
believe you really dont have an intrest to live in
you think these niggas gonna feel the shit
you say
i got a better chance joining the kkk
for some real shit though i like you

thats why i didn't want to be the one you commit suciside to
fuck lotto call me your leader

i feel bad that i gota murder that dude from leave it to beaver
i used to like that show
now you got me in fight back mode
but oh well if you gotta go then you gotta go
i hate to
do this i would love for this shit to
last so i'll
take pictures of my rear end so you
wont forget my ass
and alls well that ends ok
so i'll end this shit with a fuck you and
have a nice day

{B Rabbit}
Word, I Think you were a little hard on the beaver

so was eddie haskle, wallie, and ms. cleaver
This Guy keeps screaming he's paranoid
someone get his ass another steroid
Rob bidi bli blob de rob bidi blo blob
I ain't hear a
word you said
Hipidi hoo bla
Is that a tank top or a new bra
look snoop dogg just got
a fuckin boob job
didn't you listen to the last round meat head
pay attention, you're
sayin the same shit that he said
matter fact dogg heres a pencil
go home write some shit
make it suspensful
and don't come back untill something dope hits you
fuck it you can
take the mic home with you
looking like a cyclone hit you
tank top screaming lotto i
dont fit you
you look how far these white jokes get you
Boy's like how vanilla ice gonna
diss you
my motto fuck lotto
i'll get the seven digits from your mother for a dollar
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