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Viewing Lyrics for B R Right:

No album artwork found
Track:B R Right
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:[Trina:] ass smaked
[Luda:]legs wide
[Trina:] front back
[Luda:] side to side

[Trina:] pussy wet
[Luda:] slip n slide
[Luda:] yep everythin gon be alright

wait bitch, imma blow my kisses,
get pissed and throw my dishes,

yall niggas know jus who this is,
woo woo, and the head so vicious.

with me,
this shit gon cost,
you short? then thas yo lost,
you know this ass is soft,
make a
nigga goto breakin off.

tell me that you love me baby,
get hot and fuck me crazy,

get a towel and wipe me off,
you want a bitch wit no type of flaws.

my gurls be
shoppin hard,
these hoes be buyin cars,
in the club buyin bars,
nipples hard its a
sign of braws.

from the niggas who gettin chese,
throw back in the crispy g's,

more wet? crist dont freeze,
laugh at the tab, cause this on me.

me and luda in
the cut supreme,
doin things jus to touch the creme,
so many names wana fuck the queen,

i live a life like its jus a dream.

[Chorus X2]

get it right
beother, jump,
gimme the beat then imma make it bump,
tell em wutcha wana hear, damn, lets
get cam,
trouble witcha man, imma pop my trunk.

you aint seen no chicks like mine,

you aint seen no flicks like mine,
bet i make you cum next to the subwoofers and my 6x9's.

tell me that you like it raw,
tell me that my dick is plump,
i might make you
famous, and buy you watches by marice mc. craw

tell me if its new or old,
tell me if
its hot or cold,
let me know if its black
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