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Viewing Lyrics for G.O.D. (Gaining Ones Definition):

Artist:Common Sense
No album artwork found
Track:G.O.D. (Gaining Ones Definition)
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
After bein' 25, you know, just trying to survive in the world
Bout to have a
little boy or baby girl. Who knows?
Anyway, just when you start gettin that little age and
experience to you
You start thinkin about stuff...tryin to make the right moves
So bust it
out, this is what I was thinkin, check it

Yo, the education of the Lon-chicka-Lonnie
Began, began with time
Bein my bloodline is one with the divine
In time brotha,
you will discover the light
Some say that God is Black and the Devil's White
Well, the
Devil is wrong and God is what's right
I fight, with myself in the ring of doubt and fear

The rain ain't gone, but I can still see clear
As a child, given religion with no answer
to why
Just told believe in Jesus cuz for me he did die
Curiosity killed the
Understanding and wisdom became the rhythm that I played to
And became a slave to
master self
A rich man is one with knowledge, happiness and his health
My mind had dealt
with the books of Zen, Tao the lessons
Koran and the Bible, to me they all vital
And got
truth within 'em, gotta read them boys
You just can't skim 'em, different branches of belief

But one root that stem 'em, but people of the venom try to trim 'em
And use religion as an
When it should be a natural way of life
Who am I or they to say to whom you pray
ain't right
That's who got you doin right and got you this far
Whether you say "in Jesus
name" or "Al hum du'Allah"
Long as you know it's a bein' that's supreme to you
You let that
show towards others in the things you do
Cuz when the trumpets blowin, 24 elders surround the
Only 144,000 gon get home
Only 1
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